4K: connect! online! interactive!

Dear Friends, exactly two years ago we won the Audience Award for "Disconnected" at Sundance Channel Shorts Competition (check here). It was screened there for a few weeks in shortened (10 mins.) festival version. After two years of visiting some other festivals and buzzing in the social networks now we proudly present it on-line again. This time forever and in full length (15 mins.), as it was originally envisioned.

But to make it even more special - and after thinking about deconstructing the material - you can experience the film in an intensified 4K format (for that just change quality in youtube settings: bottom-left corner of video) with all characters on the screen all the time! And you can play it even in a loop, since history likes to repeat itself. The idea for such synchronized plots came to us when we were thinking about exhibiting the film in art galleries. Well, here you go - you can enjoy it virtually now via on-line streaming!

If it's too much for your brain to focus at once, you can follow each character's path at separate videos. In an interactive player you can even switch between separate/connected stories without the need to start watching from beginning. In this form you are free to compose your own personal experience like a VJ (Video Jockey). And there is also a traditional one-by-one version featured in a shape of a playlist.

Enjoy four ways to watch "Disconnected":

1. composite video in 4K (3,5 mins.)

Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Queen - live performances!

Recently I checked some old footage and found these marvelous outtakes from "In the shadow of Chuck Norris". The following scenes were only briefly mentioned in the finished film. Now for the first time you can hear the recorded song covers, which were slightly remastered. Some events were shot by two cameras, some only by one camera, so the quality of sound or picture may vary. Songs are performed by Katarzyna Czarkowska/Michael Jackson, Mirosław Elimer/Freddie Mercury and Ryszard Peszko/Elvis Presley. Enjoy!

Where it all began... Disconnected finally in Berlin!

Our precious film gained special recognition at 4th EMiGRA Festival in Warsaw. Many thanks to Adam Fabisz for representing us there!

Now you can experience the first public screening in Berlin. See you there :-)